Chad Morgan

Chad planted his first crop as a junior in high school and one year later purchased his first piece of property. After graduating from Tallulah Academy, he attended Northeast Louisiana University. Since 1991, Chad has been building and growing a successful farming career.

Whether in the air or on the ground, he finds the most enjoyment being outdoors. Chad is an instrument rated commercial pilot and loves to view the land from an aerial perspective. He is also passionate about enhancing wildlife habitat so that his children can enjoy hunting deer and ducks on the farm for years to come.

As a very young boy growing up on the Tensas River, in Louisiana, Chad has always loved land. Especially the family farm, River Road Ranch. Grandmother Morgan always told him,” My land has been good to me, take care of it. It’s something they aren’t making any more of.” His Grandfather Morgan was born on Pecan Island, Louisiana and his Grandfather Cox in Little Hope, Texas. They both purchased farms in Madison Parish in the 1950’s. He grew up hearing stories of Grandfather Morgan finding farms in north Louisiana for his friends in the southern part of the state to purchase. His Grandmother Cox had a real estate company in the 1960’s, so Chad grew up being fascinated with real estate.

Chad is very excited to help others find the perfect farm or special hunting spot so they can experience some of the “Small Town Life” that he has been blessed to live.

Chad and his wife Kristie have three children: Dee, Evelyn Rose, and Shepard. They live on their farm in Tallulah, Louisiana and attend First Baptist Church of Tallulah. They spend most of their free time enjoying their kid’s sporting activities or at their camp on Lake Bruin.


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